The Mindful & Resilient Nurse

Evidence-based strategies to lower stress, build resilience and thrive

The Mindful and Resilient Nurse is a comprehensive and convenient 8-week self-care program that educates nurses, nursing students and nursing faculty on the practice of Mindfulness and other proven techniques to:

  • Reduce toxic stress
  • Build resilience
  • Be more present in their everyday lives
  • Enhance patient care
  • Strengthen relationships, both personal and professional

Benefits of the Program

A study conducted by a third party of 450 participants of the Mindful and Resilient Nurse program found that over 80% of survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed that this program helped them...

  • Reduce their stress level (80.2%)
  • Improve their focus (82%)
  • Cope better with anxiety (82.9%)
  • Feel more relaxed or calm during their day (84.7%)

Narrative responses from the survey included...

  • "It has been incorporated in nearly everything I do. It has been really helpful in helping me ease off from stress, relax my mind and regain focus and purpose. It does help a lot."
  • "This program has helped me understand how important it is to take a little bit of time during my day to focus on my self and my mental health. This was very difficult for me to do but doing the exercises every week taught me that it doesn't have to be done all at once. It can be done throughout the day, as little or as much I need."
  • "The mindfulness program is amazing. It helps me release stress and anxiety. It helps me to clear my mind and refresh my memory."

"We owe student nurses, current nurses, our patients, and the future of healthcare the power of Mindfulness." - Meredith Brow (MSN, RNC-NIC)

Class Curriculum

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